Tuesday, August 11, 2009

From Destruction to Construction

Beckham decided to move from Destruction over to the Constructive side of things this day...
While I was getting ready one morning, I could hear him doing something in the kitchen and was prepared to go in for another major clean up. He came in to my room and asked me if I wanted to come to his party. He was so excited he could barely stand it and I was filled with terror wondering what I was going to find when I walked into the room.
Becks had laid out an entire buffet line for his future party guests complete with star decorations, napkins, silverware, raspberry syrup, and cereal for all to enjoy. He had filled each bowl with cereal and had put the syrup on top for each person. He had also taken a few spoonfuls of the syrup himself, as evidenced in the pictures.
I really was so impressed with his new party planning abilities. Usually it is nightmare central with him, so this was a big day! He was so so proud of himself - we invited his friend Dani over along with her brother and sister to be his guests.
On the flip side, this is what Ethan was up to with his friend Hayden.
Complete Destruction and annihilation to any intruders! Army guy forces Unite!
No cool army guy wants his picture taken by his mom.... This was the only shot I could get before he was off to war.

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The Stones said...

Man that kid is SMART!