Thursday, May 22, 2008

Dooders: Air guitar and Vibrato

Ethan - both of these little videos make me laugh because you are such a nut~! The first is when we were filming Beckham doing flashcards and you wanted to make sure that your air guitar talents weren't forgotten. The 2nd clip is of your Cowboy song from kindergarten- you sure love to sing! You are so much fun to have as a son -you are passionate about the things you enjoy: Legos, Star Wars, Soccer - you get so excited to tell me about how Darth Vader was really Anikan and his arms and legs got cut off and.......all day long there are fascinating tidbits I learn from you. The best part is that you have such an animated face when you express yourself that it is a delight to watch you talk about the things you love. I sure love you Doody!

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Kierstin said...

Wow! He is a regular Pavaroti!