Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Conversations with the kids

Beckham got a small bump on his head and told me that he needs to go to the Dr's to get a shot. What kind of kid requests to get a shot?? He's requested it many times before. Weird 2 yr old.

Yesterday Ethan and I had a conversation in the car about being a team player in soccer. He said, "Yep. It's all about having fun." and I said, "that's right." Then he quickly added, "But it's all about WINNING when you are playing Slug Bugs, huh mom." (Slug Bug What Color! Ethan and I are on a team and we always beat Beckham...Ethan keeps score and organized our alliance. Together we are inVincible!)

Eva has informed me that we will not be able to pick up her bed from the furniture store on Saturday because she is teaching a dance class to all of her friends in the neighborhood and will be doing so every Saturday through the summer. She mentioned it a few weeks ago and I thought she would forget about it, but she told me again yesterday and has also made up some props that they will be using. I hope that all her friends remember that they are signed up for this class!


Tanya said...

I love your conversations. What logical children :) Send me an email - briantanyaboyer@yahoo - because I took my blog private so I'll add you to the list.

it's a good thing you're cute said...

Hey, I think I saw you here yesterday, but I was in a huge hurry to get to the school because Amanda had ripped her pants and was crying! Argh! Definitely call me! I'd love to meet Emily.

Kierstin said...

That is funny about Eva. She is going to be a little entrepreneur and start her own little business, eh? All you have to do is have Ethan be the salesman and Becks be the decorator (I hear he works wonders in the lipstick and toothpaste mediums) and you've got a great family business!


Makell! I can't believe we didn't get the 411 on Ethan's arm breaking incident! We could have at least sent him a treat of something :( I'm glad to hear he is doing well!
Your kids are so cute. I love your conversations--I wish my daily life had that kind of depth to it!
We're missin' you guys--any plans to visit? If not, school's out soon so maybe we can take a weekend vacation and come see the fam!

Candy said...

Makell, when you're blessed with such personalities as you and Kerry have, it's no wonder your chillin's are going to be coming up with some good ones.

Oh, and by the way...
So I have NOT seen CONDOR MAN, however, Todd said it is a classic must see.

However, on another note I HAVE seen Flash Gordon, Zanadu, Break'n AND Break'n II Electric Boogaloo...does that count for something?

Susan said...

I will be flying our private jet out on Friday nights with Greta so she'll be ready for the class the next day. You did get my pre-payment 2 years ago...right? I knew how long the waiting list would be for the class and wanted to make sure she'd have a spot!
Greta is looking over my shoulder reading this and her first comment was not about the flying out in a private jet but the following.... "Make sure to tell Eva I've been to ballet class but this will be my first dance class"

Tansy said...

Tell Eva that I expect a private lesson from her the next time we're out in Utah.