Friday, April 4, 2008

St. John and Sea Days


Candy said...

PLEASE tell me you just thought of my name once while on St. John.
Trunk Bay? Cinnamon Bay?

You still look just as petite and amazing as you did, what, 14 years ago? YIKES!! Where did the time go? Please be my bootie camp instructor...

What a great thing for you and Kerry to do with such a large group of friends. Always priceless memories. It looks like you had a BALL.

PS.Got any Blue Cheese?

Makell said...

Blue Cheese could never be forgotten!! And of course, YES I did think about you when we were at St. John and all of the fun we had!!! It doesn't really seem that long ago..


That looks like so much fun! I can't believe we were there less than a year ago--I'd love to get back there again!
You look great in the pics--YOU SUCK!
You do have some great friends!