Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Are boys worse than girls?? Ethan and his little buddy Parker have been great friends for the past few years - always playing back and forth, having snowboarding competitions in the front yard, dreaming up new tricks on their scooters, becoming the next transformers... Until recently. All of a sudden Ethan refused to play with Parker and Parker refused to play with Ethan. I don't exactly know what happened, but Ethan just said that Parker didn't want to be his friend anymore. I know that Ethan isn't innocent either, but I still haven't been able to deduce what exactly caused this buddy break up. I guess what I was most surprised about is how LONG they held on to this. I thought it would last a day or so - that was almost 2 months ago. There was nothing I could do to talk him into trying to play again - wasn't gonna happen. I always thought girls were the ones with issues and drama - Eva and her friends would go through these things and then be back playing the next day. But I have to say that I think the most drama has definately come from the boys. Occasionally a punch is thrown, but most of the time they are running home, refusing to let them be the blue transformer or lego guy, and then if it gets really bad -they throw out the biggest threat of all: uninviting them from their birthday party!!! ( in 7 months) Throwing out the no birthday invite card - that is about as bad as it can get when you are 5 years old - the diss of all disses. I'm sure that down the road the girls still win out in the drama category when hormones start kicking in, but for now, the boys definately have this one hands down.
So on Sunday, Parker's mom Carolyn and I were trying to figure out what was going on with those two..We decided to break the ice a bit for them and we made plans to take the free Frontrunner train ride with them today. We headed over to the Layton Station and then took the train down to Salt Lake and Back. They loved it and I think Becks was completely enamored by the fact that we were on Thomas the Tank Engine. It was fun to see it up and running and the boys thought it was pretty cool. Apparently our trick worked - they have big plans to play after school this week and are back on the best of buddies list. Isn't it great to be 5?


Candy said...

There we go, those are the stories I just knew were goin' on in your neck of the woods. JK
Thanks for the post.
PS. I met a wife of one of your old DHS beau's.
Mah-kelll!! vixen. JK...can't even remember a week later what his name actually was.

Candy said...

Ok. After I just read that back, it sounds like I heard a story about you...I didn't. I thought it would be fun to pretend for a second. Just wanted to get that one cleared up. All is well.

Tansy said...

That is hilarious. I wish all of my problems would be solved with a ride on Thomas the Train :)

Kierstin said...

Funny... And weird because boys are supposed to be the easy-going, non-hormonal ones. Good luck.

The Stones said...

Wonder mom! I'm totally sending Kallie to your house when she gets in her drama does 11:00 sound? I'm sure she'll be having a drama moment then! :)

Tanya said...

So, I got to your blog! Sounds like you have been the traveling woman the past few months. How fun. This drama story is funny. In our household, it's definitely the girls having all the drama. Well, I'll post the women's conf pics soon, so check my blog to see them. Friday was so great and fun to see you all!