Saturday, October 20, 2007

Here Goes!

It is almost midnight, and after a little gentle prodding from a friend, (thanks Jill!) I have decided (yes, I MADE a decision.......all by myself...) to CREATE A FAMILY BLOG!!!! Wow , you say. Congratulations, and Welcome to the wonderful world of technology!!
Truth be told, I'm a litte afraid to actually see my life in print. I also am not sure I can remember the events of the days or even what day it is, but that should just add to all of the fun, right? That's what I'm here for. Cheap entertainment!
Actually, I am really excited to finally get this going - Life is good. I have so much to be grateful for. Real friends who improve my life. Incredible and supportive family. I adore my kids and my hubby, so it will be fun to write about them all! (I've got so much dirt on them!!) I am constantly feeling like I am in training from my family and wonder why I am so far behind - they teach me things about myself that I couldn't learn anywhere else. It really is the perfect institution.
So, A Toast - To family and friends! We love reading about how the rest of you are doing and the fun/ crazy days you have. We love you all! Wish us luck in this grand endeavor!


it's a good thing you're cute said...

YEA MAKELL! Way to go! It's a great start and soon you will be addicted! Jill

it's a good thing you're cute said...

Makell, here's a reason to do another blog! You have been tagged! See my blog for rules and have fun!

Heather said...

Hey Makell,

I finally got around to reading your blog. Marnae is starting to do the same thing. I'm not sure if I'm on board yet. Anyway, love the pics of the destroyer. Miss you guys. Have a great holiday season! Heather