Friday, October 14, 2011

Narration of family photos by Becks.

Beckham is home sick from school today, so I pulled up some of our family pictures through the apple tv to keep him entertained.  The slideshow that was playing was of the first day of our family vacation in California last month.  
He decided to narrate a few of the photos for me, and I wanted to share what he said.  But before I do, just note that Nacho Libre is one of his favorite movies and the boys are constantly quoting it, especially when I make corn for dinner.  Without fail, they repeat in their best Mexican accent
"Hey Mom, save me some of that corn for later."

And now on to Beck's narration:

"Hey Pirates!  Save me some of that gold for later!"

"Hey Pelican!  Save me some of that fish for later!"
"Hey Ethan!  Save me some of that ugliness for later! "
"Hey Ocean!  Save me some of that mist for later!"
(I didn't realize he knew the word "mist" 'til today)


Brooke and Jonny said...

Oh Beckham, he never seems to stop entertaining us. I love it! And I am also very glad you are back in this blogging world

rabidrunner said...

Awesome. I've missed you... in fact, I just now remembered that you sent me an e-mail a while back and I cannot remember if I responded!