Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Girls Already. Heaven help us.

Beckham's preschool teacher told me today that Beckham said he loves his mom's long hair (random!) and then she said that everyone in class knows that Beckham and Ava are together.  As in, they 'like' each other.  I asked Becks what that meant.  He said it's like when someone asks you to do a favor for them and you say yes because they are your friend.  Ok.  That works for me right now.
 I should have been on to this, because a few months ago Beckham came home with her phone number.  The little dude is getting girls' numbers already!  He told me to call her and then we could just go pick her up and bring her to our house to play.  He said she could play with Eva's dolls and that I would know which house was hers because it has a black door and it is just down the street 'that way' as he pointed in some obscure direction.
They are 5!
In a conversation with his buddy Danny this week I found out just how much they hear their older siblings.  While playing with trains Danny asks Becks, "Do you like Miley Cyrus?" (now just imagine that this little buddy of his can sometimes not say his 'r's, so it's extra cute)  Becks says, "No.  I like Demi Lavato."  Danny asks, "Who's Demi Lavato?" to which Becks replies, "She sings better than Miley Cyrus."  Danny, not quite convinced yet, asks totally matter of fact, "Well, is she hot?"
 I think Becks just mumbled that he didn't know but that she could sing.  Danny seemed content with that answer and the went on playing trains.  Danny also has a 15 year old older brother - can you tell?

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Brooke and Jonny said...

Too cute! They do seem to grow up so stinkin fast! I'm glad you are blogging lots, it makes me happy keep em coming