Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mision Cumplida Chile!

As a self-proclaimed news junkie I have been extremely unproductive today watching the 33 Chilean miners being rescued. I love this stuff! It is about time we see something that is bringing so many people together, thanking God for the miracle, and everyone giving thanks and credit to others for making it possible. People showing leadership and ingenuity and above all humility and support and working together. I love this story for that reason alone- it shows what can be accomplished when people work together for the betterment of those besides themselves. Working as a team, unified and with faith.
I am completely inspired watching the reunions of the at-once-thought-dead miners with their spouses and loved ones. It makes me want to be better. To remember that nothing else in life is more important than the relationships we have with others. Awesome!

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The Stones said...

Agree agree agree! I was teary eyed over the story, it's very refreshing to see something so positive!