Sunday, June 13, 2010

Growing pains.

Today at church Becks' teacher, Sister Stuart,told me that the usually well- behaved- answer all the questions -child of mine was a real stinker!  She said it was like he traded places with one of the usual troublemakers, but he was entertaining her so she decided to let him live.   She wrote the word "reverence" on the board to which one of the little girls, the usual troublemaker, says, "That's not a real word"  Beckham looked at his teacher and said with more attitude than I can write, "Yeah, that word means Blah to me." or rather Buuuulllllaaaahhh.  He then said ,"Sister Stuart..are you smiling at me?  I see a smile"
 He makes me laugh every day, but lately I feel like he has turned a little corner that I am not too happy about.  It's the 'I'm going to be a total rebel and do anything and everything you don't want me to do and look at you like 'what are you going to do about it' corner.  He told Kerry the other day, "Yeah, well you can ground me, but you can't catch me!"
(I'm trying not to fast forward 10 years to see how this behavior might repeat itself..)

As I look back a month or so ago, I can almost pin point the day he decided to take his life into his own hands.  He told us he was tired and the next thing we knew he had put his jammies on and put himself in bed.  When I went in, I couldn't believe what a big kid he was turning into.  He asked me to close the blinds and said matter of factly, "Good night mom."  I kissed him goodnight and let him sleep.  Later that night I went in to do a quick check on him before I went to bed and noticed the all too familiar smell of urine.  I followed my nose to the garbage can by his door and saw that he had decided to pee into his bedroom trash can rather than making the long walk to the bathroom 3 steps away.  He flat out denied it the next morning until he couldn't keep from smiling.
Total turkey.


Brooke and Jonny said...

Bahahaha! Did he pee sleep walking or just thought it would be fun? that is pretty funny Makell, hopefully he doesn't teach Daxton that part.

The Stones said...

I'll repeat Brooke's BAHAHAHA! So so great.

Actually, I'm a little comforted by this post. Kallie has been doing the EXACT same thing. i.e. I'll say, "Kallie, you are going on time out right now." And her response is, "I'll just get off." Or "Well, I'll just hide in a really good place." Stinker. It takes everything in me to not tie her arms to her bed until she starts talking nice...I still haven't ruled that out.

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