Monday, April 12, 2010

As Seen on TV - Tomatoes and Trysts

It happened upon a recent Sunday afternoon that Kerry and I came upon a rare, fortuitous moment that allowed for a little romantic tryst. (Anyone with kids knows, Ya gotta take 'em when you can!)
 With the kids completely enthralled in a movie, we headed into the bedroom, made sure the door was locked, and yada yada yada.....
Moving into the yadas, we heard a frantic pounding on our door.  It was the precocious little 4 year old, Becks.  "Mom!" (knock knock knock) "Mom!" (knock knock knock, knock knock knock)
Not knowing if we should play dead and see if he would scamper away or to try to appease him with the tried and true "we'll be out in just a minute, sweety, go watch your show" response, Kerry decided to oblige the persistent toddler.

Kerry: ( yelling  loud enough for him to hear out into the hall) "What do you need Becks?"
Becks:  "Not you, Dad.  I need Mom!"
Me:  (yelling loud enough for him to hear out in the hall)  "What do you need, Buddy?"
Becks:  "Come out here.  I need to show you something."
Me:  "Okay Becks.  I'll come see it in just a minute.  Go watch your movie."
Becks:  (frustrated and yelling so we can hear him)  "MOM!  You need to get this.  It's an upside down tomato plant grower.  You need to get it.  It's on the T.V. right now. It grows tomatoes.  You put the tomatoes in and then add garden soil and it just grows upside down. You Need To Get It!"

Sure thing there, Becks!


rabidrunner said...

Funny! We had a similar scenario that involved Space Bags. You know the bags you fill with stuff and suck the air out of -- you know, to save space.

So did you buy the dear his very own upsideown tomato grower?

Jill said...


Brooke and Jonny said...

Must run in the family, Jonny has been begging for as long as I can remember for one of those! It was great to see you guys last night glad you came down! =)

Makell said...

Rabid, those air space bags are a must for every household! A must!
I didn't get the Topsy tomato grower because I didn't call within the next 19 minutes to get the free slicer and dicer. Otherwise I would have been all over it!

Brooke -I am still waiting for your 8 year old journal post on your blog. That needs to go up for sure.

The Stones said...

What??? After hearing about that miracle of a tomato plant you didn't run out in your birthday suit to witness it for yourself? I'm impressed with your self control Makell!

FREAKING hillarious!