Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Firsts!

How exciting to see your kiddos learn something new... and love it!
We headed up to the lake Saturday morning with the Kowskis' and braved the cold with hopes of better weather. We had bagels and fruit and Kristin brought homemade salsa, so for the first part of the day we just sat in the boat and enjoyed "brunch".
By mid day the weather was warming up and we got to see some "firsts". Their oldest son got up on a slalom ski - and was almost a pro from the beginning. I remember my friends' family taking me back in Jr. High and patiently teaching me how to ski. It was fun to be on the other end of it this time - to watch someone work hard to learn something new and finally figure it out. It was awesome.
Kerry had just bought some new kid skis and stayed in the not so warm water helping Ethan and Anna learn how to get up on skis.
Camera phones can only zoom in so far, but after a few tries, Ethan got right up and went for a little ways. He was so excited and we had to go back for more on Monday! He couldn't get enough...... finally! In all honesty, we were almost ready to sell the boat - we were so sick of kids fighting us to do anything. They wouldn't even tube for an entire year - I sort of ruined them initially by submarining their tube the first time we tried it a couple of years ago. We didn't realize you had to sit on the back of what we call the taco tube, or it would nose dive. Unfortunately, it did not leave a favorable impression on the kids and was the last thing they wanted to do. We have slowly eased them back into it and I believe we have finally broken through the fear!
It was so much fun as a parent to watch. Eva popped right up also, but has no interest in it until it is completely her own idea. She pulled right out of the water and started skiing and then in an act of rebellion, threw the rope and started screaming. We had talked her into trying it and was not happy. She will do it when SHE wants to and no sooner. Also, I think hormones may be kicking in.....Yikes! Talk about attitude lately. Stay tuned....

And on Monday Kerry had a first:

He is officially........ "a boarder".
The choppy afternoon water didn't sound great for skiing, so he tried to wakeboard for the first time. It surprised me that he even had any interest!! It's generally golf and golf and golf..and really every thing else just fills in the time, so it was fun to see him try and succeed at something new! He ripped it up (for a first timer) - I was seriously impressed.
This is generally Beckham's assumed position on the boat. A little sun, eat, eat more treats, get in the cooler for drinks, only go in the water if he has to pee, and eventually sleep.
Ahh, to be 3.
Monday with Uncle Steve who rocks on the wakeboard and Eva's friend Natalie. Just before we hit empty on the tank and had to head back in....
Fun Weekend!


KC said...

I love skiing and I love firsts! Last year I tried Brooklyn on the kneeboard and unfortunately it was a little TOO tramatic because I haven't even tried this year...I've learned my lesson. I guess i'll just have to be a little more patient and just let her be a little older...

The Stones said...

Hey, Kerry's a MAN now!