Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tag - You're IT

I’ve been tagged.

My sister in Law Tansy tagged me (awhile ago..I'm slow) so here it is:

Four Jobs I've had:
corporate promotions sales
Delta Gate/Ticketing agent and free flight moocher
sales for Art gallery at Trolley Square
US Post office data entry to get me through college (never had the chance to go postal.... yet)

Four Movies I've watched more then once:
The Saint
Transformers ?? this surprises me as I am writing it down, too
Monty Python
Dan in Real Life

Four Places I Have Lived:
Avenues in SL C in a tiny, I mean tiny little apartment with my honey
Spain...Ok, only for a couple of months, but it still counts
Sugarhouse....Just up the street from the meth lab homes you always see on the news

Four TV Shows I watch:
hmm....not a big tv watcher. but I like:
The Office
Divine Design
Go Diego Go
Go Diego Go...again and again

Four Places I've been:
Costa Rica

Four People Who Email Me Regularly:
@!!*% PotteryBarn, Gymboree, Amazon, Boden, Old Navy, Snapfish,Williams Sonoma......I hate getting all of these emails!!! I need to get off of the lists... Still love the stores, though!

Four of My Favorite Foods:
mole on anything from Red Iguana
Dark Dark Chocolate and Almonds
Almost all vegetables - especially artichokes and asparagus
char shu - from Mandarin

Four Places [regions ] I'd Like to Visit:
my basement
Africa - visit Kerry's misison sometime in JoBerg

Four Things I'm Looking Forward to This Year:
finishing my kids rooms so that I can actually tell them to clean them up and have it look clean

Disneyland trip to visit my Sister and her kids in October
ski season
the stock market crash.....JK

Four People I Tag:


Tansy said...

You are too funny with the basement comment. We need to get together when we come out in August. Let me know if you guys are available between the 12 - 16th.

The Stones said...

Hey thanks for the tag dear, it gave me a reason to post something!


I love it! You better mean it about the visit in October!
I'm excited to see you next week. btw, Eva looks beautiful in her recital pics--you're in trouble!!