Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Yea for smelly, dirty socks and muddy little boys!

Spring has finally sprung - I love this time of year when everything seems to be given a new life. We did have a great winter - lots of snow, amazing skiing and time to bunker down at home and enjoy just being home, but it seems like just when you are starting to get a litte tired of the blah surroundings, Spring fever hits! I love Utah weather - all 4 seasons appeal to me in one way or another, and I look forward to each one.

The kids just started school again today - they have been out for spring break since last week - Thurs, Fri, and then Mon, and Tues of this week. We've had a lot of activity and go go go, Jewelia and Lori and I had a lot of fun together with the kids...They are awesome moms.

We had a fun week- along with all the Easter celebrations, we were able to go out for lunch, catch Horton Hears a Who and played at the Castle Park with all of the rest of the Davis County mom's and kids. If you haven't seen the new Dr. Seuss movie, go see it! Horton Hears a Who. I loved the book - it has a great message in it. I laughed, I cried.....great show!

However - the very best part of the last few days is that my boys all were completely exhausted, ready to go to bed on their own, and had smelly, dirty socks and dried mud all over their bodies from playing OUTSIDE at the park. Yea for spring! But beware - Apparantly if you go to the castle park on Nichols road, watch out for CROCODILES IN THE SWAMP!! Ethan and his friends ventured down the trails to the little creek and Ethan swears on his 5 long years of life that he saw a crocodiles body in the creek. CRIKEY!!!!!!! Luckily, its head was underwater so he didn't spot Ethan. But the next tasty little 5 year old adventurer might not find the same good fortune.......


Tansy said...

It's nice to hear that Utah is becoming the new Florida, crocodiles and all.

The Stones said...

Duders is the best-please tell him thank you for the warning and we will steer clear of that park!